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Here are the services we offer


We have a basket of services like:

1. Videolaryngoscopy & Nasal Endoscopy
2. Evaluation of Headache
3. Allergy Screening and Treatment
4. Vertigo and Tinnitus Evaluation
5. Management of Thyroid Disorders
6. Audiometry, BERA, Digital Hearing Aids Services
7. Speech Therapy for Stammering
8. Treatment of Snoring and Obstructive Sleep Apnea
9. Oral Cavity, Throat, Larynx, Nose Cancer Evaluation & Treatment
10. Removal of Ear, Nose, Throat, Bronchus Foreign Bodies

  • Endoscopic Sinus Surgery
  • Hemithyroidectomy
  • Coblator Assisted Tonsillectomy
  • Puretone and Impedence Audiometry
  • ENT Hospital with Advanced Equipments
  • Micro Ear Surgery
Services & Facilities We Offer:

We perform a variety of ENT surgeries with proper pre-op evaluation, anesthesia backup and with the latest technically advanced equipments like:
1. KARL STORZ (Germany)Camera and Telescopes. 0°, 30° , 45° , 70° (angled)
2. Zeiss operating Microscope
3. Xomed Microdebrider with shavers
4. Arthocare Coblator(USA)
5. Diode laser
Post-operative care is provided as per accepted standards, abiding by all the safety rules so that patient has a comfortable stay in hospital.

PROCEDURES and SURGERIES done at the center

1. Tympanoplasty for perforation in Ear Drum.
2. Mastoidectomy for cholesteatoma of ear.
3. Stapedotomy for otosclerosis.
4. Excision of osteoma ear canal.
5. Removal of foreign body ear.
6. Debridement for impacted wax and keratosis obturans.
7. Lobuloplasty for enlarged hole in ear lobule & ear piercing for children & adults.


1. Septoplasty for deviated Nasal septum Rhinoplasty for Nasal deformity.
2. Turbinectomy or turbinoplasty for turbinate Hypertrophy.
3. Endoscopic sinus surgery for chronic sinusitis and allergic or fungal sino-nasal polyposis.
4. Endoscopic removal of benign nasal tumors like papilloma, haemangioma, pyogenic granulona.
5. Endoscopic cauterization for epistaxis (bleeding from nose).
6. Correction of fractures nasal bones.
7. Removal of foreign body nose.
8. Endonasal DCR.


1. Adenoidectomy/adenotonsillectomy (Micro debrider/coblator) assisted.
2. Coblator assisted excision of leukoplakia, tongue haemangioma, oropharyngeal cysts.
3. Radio-frequency assisted surgery for snoring and obstructive sleep apnea.
4. Endoscopic removal of foreign body from throat/oesophagus
eg: Fishbone, Chicken/mutton bone, dentures, coins etc.
5. Hemithyroidectomy for Thyroid Tumors.


1. Laser assisted removal of vocal cord polyps, nodules, papillomas.
2. Thyroplasty for vocal cord paralysis.
3. Removal of foreign body larynx.
4. Bronchoscopic removal of foreign body from Trachea & Lungs.
5. Tracheostomy for Cancer Larynx or Stridor.


1. Hemithyroidectomy for benign tumors/cyst/colloid goitre of thyroid.
2. Submandibular gland/lymph node excision.
3. Dermoid/sebaceous/branchial cysts neck excision.